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About Us

About Us

At “Delfy” We insist on providing high quality products with exquisite and easy designs at competitive prices, thanks to our innovative and strong development team, the quality of our products is of international standards which is designed and developed for our esteemed clients. With an aim to value and develop long lasting relationship with our customers, we have placed well defined and stringent quality assurance systems which are imbibed in each employee who are driven towards providing premium quality products

Innovative techniques are used at our R&D division for altering the production methodology with the latest technology. We have develop gigantic production line at our plant to produce quality-checked products efficiently. Our commitment to quality is steadfast and out eye for details is tremendous which help us maintain a lead in the market. The major factor behind our success is our uncompromising attitude towards quality. Over the years our determination to manufacture distinguished quality products has only become stronger. Our aim towards focusing continuously on innovation and up gradation of our product range to satisfy our customers needs

Mission Policy & Objectives

  • Welcomes TO Delfy CPVC pipe system manufacturers whose products comply with quality and sustainability standards.  
  • Takes leadership in the publics understanding of the benefits of plastic pipe systems.  
  • Promotes usage of all plastic pipe systems in the building, civils and utility sectors and defends its products when challenged by alternative materials.  
  • Takes initiatives and coordinates on environmental issues and studies to defend and promote plastic pipe applications .  
  • Collects and analysis eco and sustainability information on his products in comparison with other materials.  
  • Complies with the principles and agreements of the Voluntary Commitment as a responsible association within society.


  1. Resistance to corrosion & abrasion
  2. Tough, rigid material
  3. Hot & cold water compatible
  4. Smooth bore for improved flows & reduces water noise
  5. High impact strength
  6. Superior insulation
  7. Fire safety
  8. Easy cost installation charges
  9. Light weight reduces heavy lifting’s
  10. Lowest bacterial growth
  11. Relative price stability over time
  12. Highly durable plumbing system having a designed life of 50 years
  13. Unaffected by chlorine in water.